Is clothes creating people?

To you who use uniform in professional practice, and to you who wear as a way to express yourself on. Do you think that clothes creates people?
Question 1: who am I that write?
The author of this site is No Gullhav, researcher, textile artist and writer.

Question 2: what I write about?
I write about what clothes do with people. With clothes I mean both private clothes and uniforms or work attire. With people I mean us humans in General.

I think it’s a relationship between what people have of themselves and who they are.
As a researcher I would look at what is the significance clothes have for people in different positions, privately and professionally.

As an artist I will discuss the phenomenon of clothing that aesthetic expression. What does clothes for how people senses another human being and which erkjennelser making people themselves on the basis of what one sees and perceive.

A phenomenon, it is the human senses and acknowledge through consciousness.

As a writer I try to put words on the terms in such a way that the reader can sensory phenomena.

Phenomena I have chosen is aesthetics, language, identity, role, body and profession.

Question 3: who caters I me to?
To anyone who is wearing clothes!

As a researcher caters I me to professionals who use special clothes in their professional practice.

As an artist caters to colorful personalities I me that use clothes that artistic expression.

As a writer I seek to convince my readers that there is a correlation between what you have on you and who you are.
Creates clothes people?
Method: how will I go forward?
Topic has concerned me for years, right from the time I took on my my first uniform.

I have read a lot on the subject and kept hot theme through conversations with people. Everyone I know have clothes on them every day, and yet I haven’t met anyone who cares about what they wear or for that matter cares about what they don’t want to wear!

Then I have been working with formulating a series of propositions which I shall substantiate with theory.

Through informal interviews that to some extent has been structured, do I search to find meaningful elements in people’s perception of the dressing, what clothes for them.

I want to create a website that it is easy to navigate, so that people who read can see correlations between clothing and people, through discussions I’ll see if I can defend my claims.

The website has been given an aesthetic shape as an easy to navigate around in the site are in the process., it’s also a website privilege, changes can come fast and affordable. A book is finished when it is pressed. My objective is that this website can live on and that it gets attention.

Website to is examined academic and artistic. The site is presented in different genres that subjects texts, prosaic texts and interviews. Subjects texts will provide site academic centre of gravity, the prosaic literary site to lift, and interviews to marshal opinion to give the theory a different perspective. Pictures and visual expression to emphasize the site’s message and give it an aesthetic expression.