To mirror an identity

To mirror an identity
Is my identity at all without in relation to the other?

I take on my clothes, it is actually a way to wake up in the morning, this plan clothes into the day, when I don’t fall asleep, but glide slowly into the conscious day. What should I fancy myself with today? What should I meet the world with today? How should I stress my own I in the face of the new day. These days to come to me has always clothes on in my world, it’s my way to meet the world on, clothes identifies me in the face of others in the day.

I take on me the new blouse I sewed the other day and researching a bit on how it works with jewelry and accessories. I am enjoying myself a little with the little peep the edge I’ve sewn at the bottom, a small look into a beautiful fabric. It emphasises something and is a little sign that only the very nearest representatives of the group I identify myself with watching. For it is in relation to the others that my garments has its affinity and I’m unsure if my clothes has identity alone in relationship to myself?

The Lady in the Hall are quickly identified, the long figure wears clothes that not only have a look, there’s something about the way she wears clothes on, the way the scarf is attached to, the way the sweater matches trousers match the shoes, the way to speak at. Without clothes, it would be difficult to know who she is, the true identification been difficult. Maybe she and I had not met if they had not been for the clothes. Our Clothes met and found that they could play together, this strange phenomenon that is about friendship in the face of the other human beings. The clothes are my play in social situations, a port that is open or close them. It emphasizes my identity and my affinity, but it seems not without in the face of the other unknown.

I wear clothes, thus I am my own identity. I’m this State carrier of my personal identity, but persona is not alone. Persona is the visualization of my identity. This blouse in linen and cotton in a beautiful fabric that emphasize my belonging to others. It means something to me and though I am only going to be alone a day for myself, means clothes something in the face of myself. It is as if the identity mirrors itself in my own mirror image. The question is: Little mirror on the wall there, tell me who I am.